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Gary Benson
Drummer, Music Lover, Dad 

Gary has been playing drums ever since he was 5. Gary’s Uncle, Ron, lived in the room next to his and played guitar. Once in a while Ron would rehearse his country/surf band in the living room and that’s when Gary saw the “DRUMS”. Gary’s stomach would get all squiggly with butterflies when he heard the drums. The bass drum would thump right into his heart and he would be dancing with joy. That’s when Ron bought Gary his first pair of nylon tipped drumsticks. That did it! Gary was hooked for life.


Since that time quite a few years have passed and Gary still loves to play drums. He spending 10 years in L.A.  Gary decided he’d rather play semi-pro and raise his son, playing music from the heart for the joy of playing and not for the greedy soul of money. Don’t get him wrong…he does have self-respect and still welcomes fair pay for his play. But he doesn’t lose sleep at night waiting for that “big break” nor does he lose his heart while playing.


Gary also loves to spread his love of music to others. He owns , a company which innovates new products for musicians by musicians. Recently Gary invented a drum accessory called the KickStrap. KickStrap definitively holds your bass drum or/and hi hat in place without needing to use a carpet. A must for every drummer, soundman, studio and music venue.


Gary is an alumni of Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has played with many bands and top names including Dino Valenti from Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Tommy Chiffon Band, Steve Evans, WOD , Yak Butter, The Steamin’ Seamen and of course Earstu! He played shows with Les Claypool and Jackson Browne.

Catch Gary playing his heart out at the next Soulshine gig. And don’t forget to check out for the latest in music innovations.

Gary will see ya soon! Oh….he my donate his hair again!






 Contact Gary at:
Member of the Sonoma County Blues Society

"Keep'n the Blues Alive, One Show at a Time"