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Darren Fravel
Vocalist & Guitar

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Darren Fravel has been a regular presence in the Bay Area music scene for many years.

At the age of 16, he began playing local clubs such as the Phoenix Theatre, Magnolias, and the River Theatre with the band Mother Mercy.


Soon afterward, Mother Mercy became regulars in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, playing in legendary clubs such as The Stone, The Omni, and The Berkley Square, in support of many major label recording artists.


In his early twenties, Darren left the Bay Area for the live music capital of the world, Austin Texas.


While in Austin, he honed his soulful vocals and bluesy guitar style in the musical trenches of 6th St., becoming a regular presence in iconic Austin blues clubs such as Steamboat 1876, the Saxon Pub, and the 311 club, to name just a few.


It was during his time in Austin that Darren’s blue-eyed-soul and charismatic stage presence truly took form.


Eventually, the beauty of the Bay Area and the call of family enticed Darren away from Central Texas, and back to the rolling hills of the Wine County.


Always the musician at heart, it wasn’t long before he was back in the local music scene, fronting the band Darren and the Mello Boys, and the New Ancients, as well as frequenting the weekly Sonoma County Blues Society jam sessions. It was through these jam sessions, the magic of Craigslist, and a stroke of pure luck, that the SoulShine Blues Band came to fruition.


Since that time, Darren’s gravel seasoned voice and unique guitar style have become some of the essential ingredients that put the soul in the SoulShine Blues Band.



Member of the Sonoma County Blues Society

"Keep'n the Blues Alive, One Show at a Time"